My Prana - Your Bespoke Holistic Wellness Program

Health isn't just about taking care of your physical body.

It's a symphony of elements - your mood, reactions, relationships, energy, pain, stress level, digestion, habits, and so much more. All these are influenced by the balance (or imbalance) within your mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

Now, imagine learning to rebalance all these areas day to day or even moment to moment. 

When you can do this  you unlock total wellbeing.

Sounds like a tall order, right? But don’t worry, I’m here to make it a breeze!

The My Prana Custom Wellness Program is for people who lead busy lives, need help managing stress, and may also have health conditions which make it challenging to carve out time, muster energy, or keep the motivation alive for their wellness practices.

Think of me as your personal ‘Wellness Concierge’, guiding you weekly to balance your mind, body, emotions, and spirit, no matter what life throws at you that week.

What my clients absolutely adore is how I eliminate the guesswork on their path to feeling better.

  • No more wasting time researching remedies and techniques, or hunting for the right yoga flows. You don’t have to show up to a studio, follow a generic yoga practice or meditation designed for “everyone.”  I’ll tailor your practices to your needs.
  • Every week, I touch base with you, asking about your life and the support you need. Then, I whip up a fully customized plan that keeps you energized, calm, and in harmony. This way, you can move forward with confidence, come what may.

Here's how it works...

First, we identify your Dosha, your primary constitution, and uncover where you are out of balance. Ayurveda has a 5,000 year legacy and is the most complete and refined modality for wellness out there. Everything we do will be tailored to your Ayurvedic needs.

Next, we’ll chat about your health and wellness goals. Want to boost your mobility, strength, or flexibility? Craving more calm and confidence at work? Or perhaps you’re aiming to feel energized and vibrant, no matter how packed your schedule is? We’ll jot down your goals so we know exactly what you want to achieve.

Then, we’ll schedule your sessions. Whether you prefer to have your sessions at home or at work (all sessions are virtual), we’ll find a consistent time (usually 1-2 times per week) that suits you. You can mark these sessions on your calendar and treat them as sacred.

Private Yoga sessions with me are typically $150 and you’ll be getting 4-8 of those per month, PLUS I will be creating a personalized weekly plan including other modalities and practices that will fit into your busy schedule to address the additional aspects of your overall health and wellbeing.

Imagine Feeling Healthy, Vibrant and Calm Throughout Your Day…

With My Prana Essentials, all you need to bring is yourself, your yoga mat, and a couple of yoga blocks! I’ll have everything prepped and ready for you. Your between-session homework could be as quick as 5 minutes a day or stretch to 30 minutes, depending on your capacity (which, let’s be real, can change from week to week!)

You’ll be amazed at how seamlessly your life can fall into harmony and how much better you can feel every single day. Whether you’re already on cloud nine or you’re digging deep to get through your day, this program is designed to elevate your wellbeing.

And for those who want to dive deeper, I offer an in-depth Ayurveda package, My Prana Plus. This isn’t just a program, it’s holistic support. We’ll incorporate Ayurvedic principles into your diet, focus on self-care practices, and even explore natural supplements that support total wellbeing. The goal? To make you feel better, inside and out.

Ready to Dive In?

Here’s the lowdown on what you need to know to kick things off. 

My Prana Purely Yoga opens the door to your new world of customized wellness with a 6 week personalized, 1:1 therapeutic yoga package for $900.

My Prana Essentials is your ticket to transformation, priced at $1200/mo. To ensure you get the most out of this journey, we’re looking at a minimum commitment of 3 months.

MyPrana Plus provides all the customized yogic practices and individual support of MyPrana Essentials, plus curated meditations, tailored self care routines,  individualized dietary recommendations and herbal support suggestions to promote your doshic balance and further support you in reaching your goals – for only $1600/mo. with the same three month starter commitment.

This is a great opportunity for you if:


  • You don’t enjoy going to yoga studios or simply don’t have time.
  • You want yoga practices that are customized to your body, needs, and abilities.
  • You are stressed out and want to feel more at peace in your life.
  • You’re suffering from pain, illness, or mobility issues that make it difficult to exercise.
  • You’ve been wanting to be consistent with meditation and/or yoga.
  • You’re curious about Ayurveda, but find it too complicated to take advantage of on your own.

If you’re feeling called...

and the thought of a transformational program like this excites you even just a little bit – let’s talk.

You can schedule a free consultation with the button below – we’ll go over your goals and experiences with wellness practices, and put together a preliminary plan. I’ll answer any questions you have about the program – and if we decide we are a good fit we’ll get started!

Questions? Click here to contact us.

Headshot of Cathy

Cathy Roberts Eads

Your Personal Wellness Concierge

Yoga Instructor, Meditation Guide & Ayurvedic Counselor

A decade ago I was a 40 year old mother of three with a seriously ill child, six figures in credit card debt, and an unhealthy marriage that was slowly imploding. Exhausted and emotionally drained, I knew I couldn’t continue living like this. Amidst the chaos of my life, I began to find deep inner peace through my simple yoga and self care practices. The crazier life got, the deeper I went into my practices to seek solace, and the more they helped me navigate the insanity with skill and grace. Yoga and self care practices were literally a lifeline that kept me from unraveling from the chaos of my personal life. I took my personal practice even further by completing my 200 hour yoga teacher training. During this time, I realized I could provide significant support to other people navigating stress & major transitions by helping them learn these simple yet powerful practices to create harmony and handle whatever life sends their way. With the My Prana Holistic Wellness Program I’ll work with you to optimize your whole being health and feel physically, mentally and emotionally strong and resilient. 

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