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You Want to Embrace Your Changing Life…But There's a Problem

Do One or More of These Struggles Hit Close to Home?


Fighting to “do it all” and lacking energy to tackle the demands of your changing life?


Beyond tired & emotionally drained from making the toughest decisions you’ve ever had to make?


Find yourself overwhelmed, frustrated and fighting to control your emotions?

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I have been there...

Cathy Roberts Eads, Yoga & Self Care Coach

I know how overwhelming it can be to manage stress in your life. Managing transitions, work stress,  children growing up, health scares, financial stress, and making tough decisions can overwhelm your day-to-day. Stuck in the middle of stress and uncertainty, your serene existence can seem like an unattainable dream. As overwhelming as it may seem, there is a path from chaos to harmony, from unrelenting stress to managing the emotions that once paralyzed you.

As a yoga & self care coach, I’ve helped people just like you navigate the anxiety, get un-stuck and regain control as life’s changes occur. I would love to support you through learning the same simple practices that have carried me through the storms and given me the tools to maintain my calm during the chaos. If you’re ready to find your key and open the door to having harmony in your life, I invite you to click the button below and book your complimentary Serenity Strategy Session today.

From Chaos to Calm

You Don't Have to Cope on Your Own

In my 12 week program, From Chaos to Calm, I’ll personally guide you along the path of navigating stress and transitions to create harmony in your life. We’ll clarify the vision you have for your future, map out a proven plan to get you there, and put that plan into action until overwhelm and exhaustion are replaced with strength and clarity. To learn all the details and apply for one of the few spots remaining, click the button below.

Create Harmony in Three Steps

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Chart the Path

We’ll create your plan to navigate stress and manage your changing life without overwhelm

Create Harmony

We’ll work together to take on your challenges and create harmony in your life

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