Yoga Nidra- Proven to Relieve Stress, Heal Body and Mind

Immerse yourself in deep relaxation with this soothing Yoga Nidra audio. This guided meditation includes a soothing body scan and calming breath work. You can unwind, release stress, lower anxiety, and improve physical and mental health all through this simple, transformative practice.

CLICK   HERE   to listen and practice: Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation Audio

You can practice yoga nidra when you need some grounding during a busy or stressful day as a midday reset. This calming meditation provides the body with dynamic rest, deeply relaxing both mind and body while you are still awake. It is said that yoga nidra practice of 20 minutes is equivalent to roughly two hours of sleep. The nidra practice is also grounding for vata dosha and healing for the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.


Yoga Nidra provides deep relaxation, healing for the nervous system and dynamic rest equivalent to hours of sleep!

Yoga nidra also offers positive physiological changes. The NIH National Library of Medicine states that clinical studies show yoga nidra meditation improves red blood cell counts, blood glucose levels, and hormonal status.

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