Take simple steps to prevent pitta from blazing outta control

The summer heat and humidity (the elements of fire and water) are characteristic qualities of pitta dosha.

Fire represents the positive qualities of pitta: passionate energy; sharp, deep intellect; quick to digest – both food and information, insightful and analytic, transformative, highly focused, ambitious, justice minded and efficient.

When in balance, pitta types are innovative, intensely focused, courageous, driven and insightful with high standards for themselves and others. 

When out of balance, pitta gets irritable, and may become angry, demanding and judgmental. Pitta dominant people are also prone to skin irritations and other heat-related health issues, along with a tendency for adrenal fatigue, burnout and stress related illness from overworking, which they have a habit of doing – often.

So during summer we want to pacify pitta since the natural world is already fiery enough and will tend to pull out internal pitta out of balance. And clearly from the description above, that is not a good thing – for our pitta friends or anyone who spends time around them. 😏

We can make simple adjustments in our seasonal food choices that will help cool pitta’s natural fiery tendencies. Likewise we can choose habits that are cooling and calming in nature, allow for rest during heated times of day, and heated situations.  Plus we can incorporate herbs and daily routines that prevent pitta from building up too much in our systems.

What seasonal changes or activities do you already have in mind for summer to provide cooling and calming for your pitta dosha?

Until next time, stay cool and calm.

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