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Calm your Mind and Emotions with a Simple Pause

Take 20 seconds right now and stop everything – just close your eyes, breathe deeply and slowly and count to 20 if that helps. Really – just do it and then come on back.      Did you notice anything during that pause? Did you notice any shift within yourself from before the pause to […]

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Balance ⚖️Your Body 💪 with Food 🥕this Spring

Happy Spring! Kapha is king during late winter and spring.   Sometimes kings can get a little overbearing, if you know what I mean. You might be feeling kapha dosha more in your body and mind during this season. If so, below you’ll find some easy ways to use foods to relieve any congestion, lethargy, sluggish

Balance ⚖️Your Body 💪 with Food 🥕this Spring Read More »

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