Spring Cleaning for your Body and Mind

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Doing a spring cleanse helps us clear out the old stagnant energy and gunk that accumulates in our bodily tissues, as well as our mind and spirit, over the cold, dark winter months.  

A seasonal cleanse is *not* a harsh detox program that requires you to stay near a toilet 24/7.

It is a *gentle* detoxification that simply allows the body and mind to “clear away the cobwebs and oil the machinery” in order to refresh and function more optimally after the natural dormancy of winter.

The Benefits of a seasonal cleanse include:

✅ improved digestion

✅ healthier elimination

✅ greater clarity of mind, better decision making

✅ lessening worry and anxiety

✅ reducing inflammation and stiffness

✅ gentle detoxification of undigested emotions, environmental exposures and accumulated waste that can build up and negatively affect our health

✅ a boost in energy, mood and immunity


During a simple Ayurvedic cleanse we eat a simplified diet of nourishing and easily digestible kitchari with veggies for lunch and dinner, plus oats with favorite add-ins for breakfast. These foods are both cleansing and rejuvenating for our digestive system. 

We also reduce our tech exposure as much as we can, spend more time in nature, take time to practice daily yoga and meditation, journal and generally draw our attention inward, to deeply care for our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing for a few days.  Sound impossible with your busy schedule? I’ve got you.


A seasonal cleanse is an opportunity to slow down and observe the most healthy of habits for a short period of time, so that the body can rest, recuperate, and repair itself.

During the cleanse we choose to slow the influx of damaging inputs like emotional stress, non-stop information, environmental toxins, processed foods, alcohol, caffeine and other substances, so our bodies and minds can get a break to perform their own natural spring cleaning.

For 2024, I’ll be doing my spring cleanse April 6 – 8. 

I chose this three day period because it coincides with the upcoming eclipse, which is an auspicious time to observe these self care routines. 

Want to do your own cleanse at home on your own schedule?  

I’ve created the Spring Cleanse 2024 Package just for you!  Click here to get full details. 

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