Prep for deep sleep using your breath

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Did you know we can use our breath to engage the parasympathetic nervous system which cues our mind and body to relax and calm down from the inside out?


Just mindfully controlling our breathing pattern brings our body into a calmer state. It isn’t instant, but it’s fairly quick and the more you practice, the easier it gets to soothe and steady yourself.


We want to bring the breath deep into the lungs expanding the low belly and the whole torso on the inhale and letting the exhale naturally follow for just a few seconds longer than the inhale.


First – Sit comfortably (or lie down if you’re ready for bed) with your spine in a straight line from crown of head to tip of your tail bone.

Place one hand on your low belly and one hand on your heart so you can feel the physical sensation of your belly expanding and contracting as you inhale, as well as the subtle rise and fall of the chest. Take a couple natural breaths to begin feeling the lungs filling and emptying.


Next, inhale fully to the count of four, then hold for one count and exhale slowly and fully to the count of six, holding for a count of one before inhaling again and repeating this pattern up to 10 times.


That’s it, really, it’s that simple.  Like any skill, it takes practice to become an expert. Luckily, this method takes no new equipment or tools and it’s easy to practice anytime you are awake.


It’s also multipurpose!  You can use this simple breathing method to calm things down during a stressful moment any time of day, not just at bedtime.  I call it the 60 Second Stress Slayer.


For a free audio to walk you through this technique, CLICK HERE.


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