Loving Kindness Meditation Audio to Easily Develop Compassion

Turn your volume WAY UP and CLICK HERE to access this free guided loving kindness meditation.

Practicing Loving Kindness helps us build our self compassion so that we can then be able to extend that same compassion to others in our world – strangers, acquaintances, friends and loved ones. 

Loving kindness meditation (LKM), also known as metta meditation, provides us a range of physical and mental health benefits. 

Studies have shown that practicing loving kindness meditation decreases chronic pain and migraine pain, along with significantly increasing positive emotions, vagal tone and feelings of social connection. 

Benefits are almost immediate and can have long lasting effects.  Researchers studied participants who practiced LKM during a 6 week meditation workshop. Three weeks after the workshop ended, tests showed a decrease in biomarkers for aging.  Move over face creams and procedures, sign me up for a relaxing, compassion building, FREE anti-aging LK meditation practice!

While metta meditation helps us develop compassion for ourselves and others, it also increases empathy, decreases bias toward others and and helps us have a healthier self image

Planning a short Loving Kindness Meditation into your schedule consistently can provide significant benefits for your whole being health – body, mind and spirit – while also improving your relationships and interactions with others.  That’s an investment well worth making time for if you ask me. Especially since you can practice when it suits your schedule and it’s free o’ charge. 

For more complimentary meditation audios with me click here.


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