Calm your Mind and Emotions with a Simple Pause

Take 20 seconds right now and stop everything – just close your eyes, breathe deeply and slowly and count to 20 if that helps. Really – just do it and then come on back. 



Did you notice anything during that pause?

Did you notice any shift within yourself from before the pause to after?


Let’s do it again – this time for 30 seconds. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and slowly and count to 30.  Come on – the above pause combined with this one is just ONE minute!



What are you noticing?

How does taking this pause feel in your body?

What thoughts come up when you pause?

Are they thoughts of judgment or are they compassionate?

I can present you with all the scientific research study data proving the value and benefits of taking time to rest, pause, refresh and rejuvenate.

And, I likely will. 😁

But until you feel the benefits in your own body, mind and spirit – that’s all just a bunch of hard, cold facts.

Until you feel and know deep in your being that you are a better version of yourself when you allow yourself to pause, to draw your attention inward, to step away for a moment and just exist in stillness…

 Until you fully embrace your value as a human being worthy of love and compassion and valued beyond measure just because you are alive, not because of what you do, produce or achieve…

Until you decide to provide yourself the precious gift of pausing to just be and breathe because you honor yourself and your wellbeing enough to do so every day…

Until then, I’ll post a reminder now and then to encourage you to practice that precious pause.

I would love to hear how this simple practice went for you. 

I’m also curious what challenges get in the way of you taking a pause now and then.

Shoot me an email and let me know so I can cover your concerns in a future post. 

Until next time, remember YOU are precious.

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