Beginner’s Guide to the Super Powers of Breath

Image of a two sided pencil that says "Inhale, Exhale"

Can you relate?

You look at the calendar, see the holidays are just a few weeks away and then think of the to do list you are still working on from September, plus the gifts that will need to be arranged, the celebrations that need to be coordinated, the food to buy and prepare, the tidying and decorating and geez what about the regular *life* stuff to take care of for family, work, school, friends?!  How do you feel thinking of all this “stuff”?

Little agitated? Eye starting to twitch? Tense in the shoulders or neck? Stomach a little queasy?

Take a breath – a nice DEEP one. Literally, I mean it. Let’s do it together…

Sit tall, place your feet flat on the floor, place your hands comfortably on your lap (or on your tummy) and take a massive, deep inhale filling up your low belly and lungs like a balloon. Then *slowly* exhale it all out.

Now, do it again twice more with your eyes closed and rejoin me here when you are done.

Notice any difference in your mindset after those three breaths? Any shift in your emotional state? Maybe you want to try it again. If so, go right ahead and then come on back here and we’ll wrap things up.

So, if you noticed a positive shift of any kind, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual – you just experienced the super power that you have available to you at every waking moment, to help you gain some inner calm. Our breath is an incredibly powerful tool for settling our body and mind when we start to get amped up – from fear, anxiety, stress, worry, anger, even if we are over excited in a good way and just need to ground ourselves once more.

Knowing how to use our breath to calm ourselves is a great way to start moving from chaos to calm. If you’d like to make calm and steady your default setting every day, and create inner peace that is unshakable when life throws a curve ball at you, download my 5 Days to Serenity guide by clicking here. It will provide you five simple, calming self care practices you can complete in just 30 minutes a day!

And remember to make a point of pulling out your super power breathing whenever you need it. It’s always there for you!

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