60 Second Stress Slayer & Balancing Breath Audios

CLICK HERE for the Stress Slayer audio – a simple technique to kick stress and agitation to the curb quickly

CLICK HERE to access the BONUS Balancing Breath audio 

Both of these breathing practices are super easy to use.

When you are feeling the need to calm yourself in the middle of a tense situation (or anytime of day or night) use the Stress Slayer.

When you want to bring your attention inward, disengage from the busy-ness of your day, or just feel refreshed and centered, use the Balancing Breath. 

Let’s have a chat…

W   hat could it feel like to quiet that anxiety that has taken up residence in your head? How about evicting the stress that lives up there next door to anxiety, ruining your mind’s nice neighborhood?  And how about getting those aches, flares and obnoxious symptoms to quiet down and behave so you can just enjoy some pain free living?

If you want a simple way to address all that stuff at once, you’re in the right place.

Here you’ll find My Prana, a fully customized, all natural approach to getting those buggers to back off so you feel more in control, more relaxed and can remove the weight of life’s demands and feel it fall away like shedding and overstuffed backpack after a long day. 

I offer a holistic approach that’s tailored to your specific schedule and needs.


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